Sunday, April 8, 2012

The meaning of Easter: To Believe

Then [Jesus] said to Thomas, “… do not be unbelieving, but believe.” 
- John 20:27

If you never went hungry I guess you would never truly appreciate the feast that has been prepared for you. If you never felt loneliness I guess you would never truly appreciate the meaning of fellowship, friendship and companionship. 

If you do not know something how can you say you can relate to it and appreciate the entirety of its nature? 

Perhaps that is why so many people tend to overlook the significance of Easter, the day of Resurrection. How can you believe a “man” who was crucified for the sins of the world “rose from the dead” on the third day to give us His final message: BELIEVE.

What does it mean to believe? If you never needed Jesus I guess you would never understand what it means to truly believe in Him and all that He can provide. You wouldn’t know how He whispers in your ear when you are filled with doubt and how He tells you “If I am for you, who dare be against you?” How He tells you to “Let go and let God” when all of your burdens are weighing you down and you feel all hope is gone nor could you understand the depth in His words “I am with you always” if you have never felt the cruelty of the world when you feel all you have is yourself and like your back is against the wall.

I suppose a healthy person would never appreciate medicine as a person who is dying from a disease would. Thanks to my trials and tribulations I have gotten to know Jesus and seen His work. I have witnessed His comfort when all I had in this life seem to be gone and I hope you would take today to get to know Him and believe in all He has to offer. 

Do not be misconstrued with the flesh, with the pope, priests, pastors, and nuns who help spread the name of Jesus because under the clothes and over them they are nothing more than human and are in need of God just as much as the next person. Do not turn your back on Jesus because a Christian may have turned their back to you, for at the end of the day Jesus’ greatest message to the world was “To Love your neighbor as I have loved you. He rose on the third day to show us all that it IS possible. Nothing in this life is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says IM -POSSIBLE! So Believe! Believe that you too can make the world a better place, you can transform your life and sing victory onto your day, believe in Jesus and the love and power He has given to you…because to know Jesus is truly a beautiful thing. 

Happy Easter Family! 

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