Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time to Get Dirty!

Ever wonder how a tree grows to be so tall and strong, how a rose blossoms in the spring, or how weeds can destroy the best of gardens???

Think about it…

It all starts from a small seed that needs to get placed in the dirt; yes in the dirt where weeds and other seeds are trying to struggle to reach the surface. The seed is not placed in a safe surface free from dirt such as a table top because no matter how much sunshine and water you feed that seed…it will never grow and blossom to its potential until you place it in the ground.

Imagine us as God’s garden, we are His seeds. Yes we can be safe and free from harm if He wanted us to be, but how could we ever grow and blossom to our full potential? We have to prepare ourselves to get dirty! We have to get down and prepare ourselves that weeds may try to stop us from growing, but we must reach that surface, we must reach the sunlight so we can blossom and be the garden we are suppose to be.

Seasons will come and go but we must stand strong. The next time you see a rose or a tall tree, just stop and think of its continued struggle, how it falls apart one season but pulls itself together and blossoms during other seasons. Don’t be afraid to get dirty~ you are a part of God’s garden and we are all waiting to see you blossom!

Stay positive and encouraged through your life seasons, don’t let weeds pull you down and stop your growth.

This message was inspired by Pastor M. Jenkins (IUP).

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